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When a customer first walks into a bar (no this is not a joke) they look at atmosphere, image, comfort, excitement, hospitality and the list goes on and on. At TJ O’Brien’s we treat our place as if we are one of the customers.

We want to treat our customers well and have smiles along the way.

Tim and Jimmy O’Brien started out as customers in bars and restaurants all over the Chicago land area until the father and son decided to team up and make one for each other.

The commute was easy from the northwest side of Chicago to Palatine and they instantly fell in love with the people and ambiance.

Although TJ O’Brien’s gives people the Irish sports bar vibe, it wasn’t always that way. They started off with another friend as Hotshots Saloon which quickly turned into something the O’Brien’s never envisioned. They began to have the urge to make it O’Brien true and they did so by owning it themselves and changing the look and name.

Located in the heart of downtown Palatine; TJ O’Brien’s is quickly becoming a neighborhood hit. So come on in and have an Irish dish, a cold beer and plenty to remember.

Who knows maybe a picture of you and your friends will join the others on our neighborhood walls.